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(905) 507-0024

Accusculpt II

Micropulsed Nd:YAG laser
Precise facial and body contouring

Energy where you need it, not where you don't

The Ideal Wavelength

ACCUSCULPT features the unique 1444 nm micropulsed Nd:YAG wavelength for facial and body contouring. (The clinical procedure is well known as ACCULIFT™.) The diversity of this device accommodates usage in both offices and hospitals while offering the following benefits:

  • Precise energy delivery
  • Minimize thermal damage
  • Enhanced skin tightening
  • Maximize up-time

Product Comparison

  • Wavelength has greater affinity for fat and water over competitive wavelengths
  • Facilitates both efficient fat emulsification and skin contouring through collagen remodeling
  • Efficient approach for dense fibrotic regions
  • Less thermal damage to surrounding tissue

Overcomes Limitations Of Traditional
Sculpting And Tightening Methods

Patients today are seeking solutions for regaining a more youthful shape to their face and body. Until now there were only two options: external skin tightening with inconsistent results and invasive contouring via internal fat melting procedures. In both cases, the cost/benefit ratio is far from ideal for the patient and/or physician. With the ACCULIFT™ procedure, you can deliver reproducible and natural reshaping that will exceed your patient's expectation within a single session.

Minimally Invasive

The ACCULIFT procedure is accomplished through a minute entry point to accommodate the 600 ?m optical fiber; which results in no scars, minimized discomfort, less bruising and minimal downtime.

Wide Range Of Applications

The ACCUSCULPT is used for precision sculpting in multiple areas, bridge between surgical and non-invasive treatment options for what patients desire:

  • Heavy nasolabial folds, freshly jowls, submental fat
  • Post-facelift touch-ups for asymmetry or loose skin
  • Flanks, arms, loose peri-umbilical skin
  • Laser assisted lipolysis
  • Surgical incision, excision, vaporization, ablation and coagulation of soft tissue



Higher peak power increases photoacoustic
effect; resulting in efficient lipolysis


"In my experience, ACCUSCULPT is the best tool available for the treatment of bra line areas."
James Carraway, MD, USA

"ACCULIFT redefines 'minimally invasive'. With the ACCULIFT procedure I can deliver facial contouring improvements not previously possible with any other method. ACCULIFT also improves facelift results and enables more precise and effective augmentation with injectable fillers."
David Holcomb, MD, USA

"ACCUSCULPT is a refined tool to manipulate the skin and the underlying fat to achieve an artistic result"
John Stratis, MD, USA

"I have integrated the ACCULIFT 1444 nm laser into my multi-modality facial rejuvenation procedure. I have found that I can safely and consistently sculpt the jowls and eliminate the marionette and peri-oral lines while volumetrically restoring the mid-face and neck..."
Jerry O'Daniel, MD, USA