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Advanced Laser course

Course description

Hair Removal (alex,diode, ND YAG) Theory on various wave lengths, applications of those wave lengths to various skin types and how to apply those wave lengths to other various applications.
Afternoon: Hands on instruction to include practise consultations, questions and answers.

IPL (420, 515, 540, 570, 640 wavelengths) Intense pulse light theory on all wavelengths, recognizing their application and apply them to the appropriate skin types. Acne, pigmentation , vascular and hair removal techniques will be discussed in great detail.
Afternoon: Hands on instruction to include practise consultations, demos and scenarios, questions and answers.

Laser Resurfacing (fractionated, Erbium- pixel, 1550 YAG-Fraxel) Detailed descriptions of the various depths for resurfacing. Distinguishing application of these depths and how to apply these modalities to achieve improvement in acne scars, large pores, Kerionized Skin, fine lines and overall textural improvement.
Afternoon: Hands on instruction to include practise consultations, questions and answers.

Skin Tightening and Tattoo Removal (radio frequency and Q switch YAG) Full theory instruction on both these wavelengths. How to combine radio frequency with various other modalities to achieve quicker results.
Afternoon: continued hands on instruction.

Students will be allowed to continue hands on training on all modalities or pick a specific laser they wish to concentrate on. Role playing to enforce clinical application will also be part of this day.
Final Exam: A 30 min exam will be given to complete the course followed by a Graduation Party with food and drinks.

Online Theory Education

  • What is laser
  • How is laser light created
  • How does laser work
  • Characteristics of laser light
  • Tissue interaction with laser light
  • Comparison of various wavelengths
  • What is IPL
  • Hazards of light based systems
  • Eye safety
  • Laser and IPL applications
  • Basic anatomy of the skin
  • Skin problems suitable for treatment
  • Treatments using green/yellow laser light or IPL
  • Acne treatments
  • Treatments using red or near infra red lasers or IPL
  • Treatments using ND Yag lasers
  • Skin rejuvenation techniques
  • Skin resurfacing lasers

Financial Assistance

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